St Vlas

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Sveti Vlas town, Bulgaria - Home away from Home

It is a holiday town, likely huddled in eastern parts of the Stara Planina Mountain, in immediate vicinity of the Black Sea Coast. Now the shore of Sveti Vlass is growing into the most picturesque Black Sea holiday place.


The resort town is located in the southern foothills of the Stara Planina Mountain, near the very Black Sea coast. St.Vlas occupies the north part of Nessebar bay, only 10 km from the municipality center – town of Nessebar, close to the largest Bulgarian resort – Sunny beach, and 38 km from the international airport in the town of Bourgas. The favorable location of St.Vlas determines its development as one of the most picturesque Black Sea resorts in Bulgaria. Away from the noise and pollution of the large administrative centers, today this resort town is a preferred place for rest an relaxation.


The unique combination of mountain and sea is the reason for the extremely favorable climate of St.Vlas. The region is part of the Mediterranean climatic zone and is sheltered from the north winds, which is why fogs are a rare exception here, and the chilly days during the winter months are about 26. An important feature of St.Vlas climate is the number of sunshine hours. Sunny days are about 240-260 year. Warm weather with a cooling breeze during the day is typical of summer and early fall.

The currents between the sea and nearby mountain gorge create a unique natural phenomenon which purifies the air. The natural sea breeze in combination with the crystal clear air provides excellent conditions for sea treatment and has a healing effect on bronchial asthma and other lung diseases. The favorable bioclimatic conditions allow the year-round use of the facilities for treatment, rest and recreation.

The Coastline

The main element of the natural potential of the region is the beach line. The whole of St.Vlas coast faces south and is a natural Riviera. The beaches are wide, clean and covered in fine-grained golden sand. The coast is divided into three separated beaches. The largest of them is Central Beach, which is 1,000 m long, 16 m wide on the average, and has a total area of 16,000 sq.m.

Tourist Opportunities

The generosity with which nature has endowed this region, and the entrepreneurial spirit and hospitality of local people stimulate the development of the main economic activity for the region – tourism.
St.Vlas is a prominent international tourist center. Every summer, tourists from all over the world visit the resort and take home indelible memories from their pleasant holiday in Bulgaria.
There are numerous opportunities for recreation and entertainment. Hotel facilities are mostly two- and three-star, modern architectural gems. Hotels, family hotels, villas and private lodgings offer all modern conveniences necessary for your enjoyable holiday. The numerous friendly restaurants, fast-food places and cafes add to the pleasant atmosphere.
The tourist service corresponds to the latest trends in tourism and is characterized by high professionalism. Due to its closeness to the beach, St.Vlas - South Zone is the mostly attractive part of the resort. Over the past few years, this area was sprinkled with gorgeous hotel mini-complexes, enchanting visitors with their lush green parks and gardens.

St.Vlas is a small piece of heaven attracting tourists from all corners of the world. This is a place that will charm even the most demanding guests. Traditional Bulgarian hospitality will envelop you and is an iron-clad guarantee for a good time. There is a wealth of possibilities for your leisure - various water sports, sails and trips.

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